Social Networking Sites

More Businesses Turning to Social Media
With the ever growing popularity of sites like Facebook, MySpace & Twitter, many businesses are utilizing social media and microblogging sites to get the word out about their business.

Webmagination can help your business make this a viable avenue to promote your business.



Email Marketing
Big or small, your business can have professional-looking direct e-mail campaigns sent to your customers or permission-based email list.  Online reports and analysis show the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Attract visitors to your web site.

Once your web site is up and running, Webmagination can help you with your online marketing program by:

  • Submitting your web site to the leading search engines
  • Developing a pay-per-click advertising program
  • Creating an email campaign targeted to your customers
  • Leveraging the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and microblogs such as Twitter to your advantage



Internet Marketing

There are billions of web documents on the Internet with millions more added each day. According to iProspect, search engines outperform all other types of media when it comes to driving visitors to web sites, with 77% of Internet users utilizing search engines to locate sites. Taking advantage of being listed in the major search engines is crucial to successfully marketing your site.

Search Engine Submission

After your web site is built, Webmagination will submit your web site to the major search engines.  Additional search engine optimization and submission services are available to support your online marketing initiatives.

Pay-Per-Click & Keyword Sponsorship

Having your web site appear at the top of a search query for your organization's products or services is critical. If users don't find you, they will find your competitors!

Utilizing pay-per-click programs, Webmagination can help your web site appear at the top of search result listings for the leading search sites.  You decide the dollar amount of each sales lead and only pay when your customers click through to your web site.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Maintaining your relationship with your customers is critical.  Stay in constant contact with them through the use of social networking sites and email communications.

Webmagination can assist you in establishing a presence on popular social networking sites that target your audience and help drive traffic to your web site.  For instance, Facebook has more than 500 million active users with over half of them logging onto Facebook in any given day.  Promoting your business on Facebook can be an important advertising avenue for your marketing initiatives.

As much as the use of social networking has exploded, email continues to remain a strong and viable force for delivering your message to your audience.  Webmagination can build an effective email campaign targeting your existing customers.

Whatever the message or the medium, Webmagination can help you deliver it!