CMS Features

Web Site Content Updated
On Your Schedule

With a content management system you can update your web site yourself or assign others to do the work - there's no need to hire a third-party for simple updates to your site.

Webmagination CMS Includes:

  • The most widely adopted web content management system for Microsoft.NET.
  • A rich text editor that provides advanced features that include spell checking, image resizing, and much more.
  • Advanced content approval process which allows administrators to create custom workflows.
  • Custom permissions provide security rights down to the page, module, or folder level.
  • Last modified and full history audit trails for content.

A Content Management System puts you in control of your content.

Providing visitors to your web site a great deal of information that changes frequently can be a challenging and daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Using a content management system, you'll be able to update your web site anytime from anywhere - on your schedule.

You Don't Need To Get Your Hands Dirty With Messy Code

Webmagination can develop a web site for your organization that features a content management system that allows non-technical users from your organization the ability to manage online content from multiple writers and editors. When creating content, your writers and editors can upload images and create content with a WYSIWYG editor similar to those found in commonly used word processing applications. The content management system is web-based with no need to know HTML!

Content Management Features

  • User administration system provides ability to create user accounts allowing multiple authors for your web site. Grant authors permission to update the site directly, or have their articles reviewed by an editor first.
  • Keep articles and headlines on your web site current.
  • Create different categories for which articles can be added to including News, Upcoming Events, etc.
  • Supports multiple authors with different access levels.
  • Archive past articles to improve performance.

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